Spiritual Awakening

    I provide coaching to individuals of all religious and spiritual backgrounds, who have come to a critical impasse in their life, where the longing for spiritual awakening has emerged and everything else in life seems disinteresting or less important in contrast. For some reason, you sense the time to spiritually awaken is "now."


    You might have studied a number of spiritual books, taken up meditation or prayer practices, attended online workshops and courses, adopted a yoga philosophy, experimented with psychedelics, or perhaps, something else unnamed here.


    The problem is that your spiritual practices or methods no longer seem to be working as your longing for spiritual awakening deepens, still. In response to this, you might have compensated by taking up even more practices, renewing your commitment, or nurturing unhealthy distractions, which only intensify your frustration and anguish. You do not want to give up the spiritual search — there's too much at stake. Your purpose, happiness, and the very meaning of your existence are threatened by not-knowing how to move forward to realize the spiritual life you envision. 


    If this particular problem resonates with you, or a spiritual issue closely associated, I invite you to book a free, 20 minute Spiritual Clarity Session to explore how I may help and support you during this challenging time. Click the link below to schedule your free session.