The Unitive School

The Unitive School is a revolutionary opportunity for aspiring and experienced Christian contemplatives to embark on a transforming journey to Divine Union with God. This advanced spiritual state is also known as the “unitive state” in Christian Mysticism, wherein we experientially realize our deepest, true self in its abiding oneness with God. Historically, the unitive state has been depicted as the special birthright of a few saints and mystics as opposed to the ordinary layperson.


Even more egregious, most Christian contemplative teachers and authors affirm that any overt focus on the unitive state as a spiritual goal to be realized is a delusion of the ego or the result of spiritual pride. But has that avoidant perspective produced souls who arrive to the unitive state in great numbers? If we’re honest, we know the answer to that question. For more reasons than one, it’s time for a new approach to Christian Mysticism. 

The outdated belief that it’s solely up to God’s discretion as to who realizes the unitive state is tragically misinformed and it deprives the soul of the proper accountability needed to fulfill its complete potential. It is an inner potential that is actualized when the right conditions of soul converge upon divine grace. These unique interior conditions have long been a mystery to Christian contemplatives and mystics. 

However, with the post-modern breakthroughs into developmental psychology, ontology, and epistemology, we are better prepared to demystify the Christian contemplative process of unitive transformation. Undoubtedly, it is God’s Will that every soul realizes the unitive state in the present life. I have created a very informative MasterClass, where I share all of the details about The Unitive School

If this revolutionary opportunity calls to you, please join my waiting list at and let’s embark on a journey of a lifetime! 


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