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    In my experience as a Christian contemplative, I have observed the extraordinary difficulties the majority of aspiring contemplatives — even well-seasoned contemplatives — have encountered in navigating the mysteries of human nature and God’s very subtle ways of transforming our human nature. Without an experienced guide, we often fall into numerous existential traps out of sheer ignorance that can stifle our entire progress in the contemplative life. Whether we have a self-reliant disposition that is too proud to seek the help we need or we feel too deprived of the strength of will to pursue a change of contemplative direction — perhaps someplace in-between — nearly every contemplative is in need of a human mirror to embody more inner clarity about the psychospiritual requirements of one’s current stage of contemplative development. 

    As a Certified Integral Coach and experienced Christian contemplative, I apply the holism of the integral methodology and many years of varied mystical experience to coach and support my clients toward contemplative breakthroughs that transform spiritual consciousness. More than anything, integral coaching aspires to help the client become self-generating and self-correcting — the development of existential and ontological capacities to find your own way in God. Instead of being told what direction to go, where to walk, when to jump, and how to move, I’m focused on empowering you to attune to your own inner light, your own contemplative compass, your own mystical seeing that is the enduring aptitude of “seeing God in the dark.”

    Without perpetual reliance on another contemplative, faith deepens, trust expands, and new possibilities emerge as the Living Christ gradually becomes the Life of your Life, alone directing and leading you into greater contemplation and mystery. As it is often expressed in Christian Mysticism, the Living Christ is the only Teacher or Guru we will ever need — “The Way” by which we are drawn into the Mystery of God. Nevertheless, we must develop the transforming  capacities that strengthen the fluidity and pace of the contemplative life. For most of us, developing these foundational capacities takes a lifetime — perhaps multiple lifetimes — if it happens at all. With the right developmental support, however, finding your way in the perplexing and tumultuous contemplative waters can be more effortless and graceful.

    Therefore, I invite all Christians searching for a transformative spiritual life and those who might already identify as Christian contemplatives to a free 30 minute chemistry call. The purpose of this call is to learn about your Christian background, spiritual concerns, past and current practices, worldview, and theological perspectives. If we mutually agree that we’re a good fit, I will gladly share my current coaching offers and we can discuss how we can move forward to the formal coaching engagement. To begin your first step toward a refined contemplative life, click the "Book Chemistry Call" below. 


    Also feel free to email me at, or fill out an inquiry on my contact page, if you prefer initiating contact through writing with any questions, curiosities, or feedback. God bless!


With Love,

Shawn T. Ellison, MA, BSN, RN     

Certified Integral Coach 


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