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Individual Coaching

As a Certified Integral Coach, I have a deep passion for the holistic development of the Self — mind, body, soul, and spirit. True development of the Self, and further, transformation of consciousness, is a vertical dive into the depths of human potential. Skillfully navigating this inward dive takes a comprehensive view of human nature, coaching competence, wisdom, and a radical love that embraces where the individual is at any given moment. 


 The capacity to meet the individual with intentional presence and openness to wondrous possibilities without judgment is the essence of an Integral Coach. In my coaching practice, I strive to be a compassionate witness of the individual's transformational process, encouraging a profound listening to the needs, curiosities, and mysteries of the heart and soul. 


There are many "points of entry" to transformational human development — loss, grief, divorce, trauma, life-transitions, emotional disturbances, psychological burdens, and spiritual confusions, among others. For a free, complimentary, chemistry call to assess our fit as a coaching pair and to learn more about the Integral Coaching Methodology, please click below: