Enneagram Typing Interview 


Discovering your true enneagram type is both confusing and exciting. With hundreds of accessible enneagram tests online, it’s very tempting to settle for a quick assessment. However, the truth is that most enneagram tests are inaccurate, misleading, and overly simplistic. Traditionally, the discovery of one’s enneagram type was facilitated by a trained enneagram professional, which allowed the collective space for deep inquiry and curiosity. Since our enneagram type is neuro-biological — meaning it is hard-wired into our nervous system — we autonomously demonstrate the physical aspects of our type. These demonstrative aspects are shown through our micro-expressions, mannerisms and gestures, pace of speech, lexicon, energetic signatures, and much more. We must also take into account familial, cultural, societal, and gender overlays that can obscure our true type as well.

Most enneagram tests do not clarify the enneagram as a motivational system, so most people answer the questions from the perspective of behavior, which usually produces false typing. Yet, even when approaching the test from the vantage point of motivation, enneagram typing is a very sophisticated endeavor. For example, even when assessing ourselves under the context of motivation, we can only answer a questionnaire accurately to the degree that we are self-aware and according to the capacity to non-judgmentally observe our own experience. Thus, we falsely presume to sufficiently know ourselves and unwittingly mischaracterize our personality structure. 


As a result, when exploring potential types, it’s critical that a skilled enneagram practitioner helps guide your process of type discovery. When we are mistyped (which is often the case), we do not reap the extraordinary benefits of personal transformation through the enneagram. Without aligning our true motivational drive(s) with our correct enneagram type, we remain a mystery unto ourselves because a subjective match is not made between our authentic enneagram type and our internal experience of ourselves.


When we misidentify our enneagram type, we cannot dive into the transformative potential of that type because it is our authentic internal experience synchronized with our correct enneagram type that unlocks the hidden mechanisms of transformation. In other words, until we are accurately typed, we are merely knocking on a foreign enneatype door that will never open, no matter how desperately we persuade ourselves of being that type. We have to keep searching until our elusive door reveals itself and opens unto a soul dimension that allows us to begin the transforming journey of coming home to ourselves. 

As a graduated practitioner of the Narrative Enneagram Tradition, established by enneagram pioneers Helen Palmer and David Daniels, I am fully equipped to help guide you to the discovery of your true enneagram type. 

Enneagram Typing Interview Details

  • 1.5 hours 

  • Zoom format

  • $250 fee

  • In-depth summary of Enneagram type possibilities

  • Exploration of how to integrate the Enneagram into everyday life 

  • List of qualified enneagram resources 

  • Full refund if session is canceled 24 hours prior to scheduled time; rescheduling also available if made 24 hours prior to scheduled time. If rescheduling the day of appointment, an additional 25% fee will be assessed  

Looking forward to exploring together!