Enneagram of Personality


The Enneagram of Personality is a transformational tool that maps nine distinct, unique, and valid perspectives on reality. Etymologically, “Ennea” is the Greek word for “nine,” and “grammos,” refers to a written symbol — depicted above. Further, human nature is embodied or differentiated into the nine enneatypes. Our enneagram type serves the evolutionary imperative for survival by creating an effective defense strategy against the uncertainties of life. Consequently, the natural perception of our enneagram type is a subjective lens through which we experience ourselves, others, and the world. 

Truly, the power of the enneagram system lies in its precision and directness, which enables us to come into greater awareness of our emotional habits of attention, core fears and desires, fixations, natural gifts, and inner dispositions. Ultimately, discovering our enneagram type sets us on a path toward psychological, emotional, and spiritual freedom. The developmental movement to higher states of personal integration is traditionally called, “Inner Work.” 

To become whole human beings, it’s important to understand the motivational drives that dictate “why” we see and experience the world the way we do. Hence, the enneagram addresses our essential and underlying motivations as opposed to solely examining our behavior. All nine types can display similar behavior, but for profoundly different reasons. As we begin to neutrally observe our deepest motivations, we are empowered to make more enlightened choices to counteract our tendency of habitual reactivity. 

And lastly, in terms of the spiritual journey, the enneagram helps us identify the subtle ways in which we resist the action of grace within us through attachment, fear, and control. Too often, we unconsciously obstruct divine grace, and we genuinely wonder why our spiritual progress appears stagnant. However, the more undefended our inner stance, the more receptive we are to the divine influx and by extension, the more swift our spiritual transformation.
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