Christian Contemplative Life

The Christian contemplative life is inherently subtle and elusive. God's mysterious ways in the soul are difficult to pin down, which is why it is so easy to unconsciously sabotage our interior development. We unwittingly end up wandering in circles, stuck in a contemplative landscape that we have all but outgrown. However, we do not perceive the "way out"because we only know what we know and without a higher perspective, particularly from someone who has deeply experienced where we are and what's to come, we are almost powerless to move forward in the contemplative life. 

My specialization in the Christian contemplative life is birthed out of the lack of spiritual direction I received as a young, budding mystic. I personally know what it's like to feel lost, misguided, uncertain, and frustrated with the inner life. Too often, inexperienced contemplatives and mystics obstruct their spiritual progress out of sheer ignorance, which leads them into settling for a complacent state. My intention as a spiritual coach is to help Christians discern and identify God's interior ways in the soul, in order to create a "flow state of surrender" into the Great Unknown — God.


If you find yourself in a place of spiritual stagnation or complacency, an unfamiliar contemplative landscape, or even a dark night, where you have died to your former notions and experiences of God, I invite you to a free, 20 minute spiritual clarity call. The purpose of this call is to provide you with a sense of inner direction and identify the next steps in your Christian contemplative journey.