Let's Collaborate

    Thank you for visiting this page! If you find resonance with the Christian Contemplative Tradition, religious mysticism, interreligious or translineage dialogue, psychospiritual or transpersonal development, consciousness studies, integral theory, or the intersectionality of spirituality with racial and social injustice, sustainability, and the collective evolution of culture, I would love to collaborate with you!   


    While I identify as a Christian Contemplative, I am a lover of all religious, spiritual, and philosophical traditions and an ally of racial and social justice movements (Black Lives Matter, LGBTQIA, climate change, income inequality, immigration, and a host of other causes). I foster a profound appreciation for human developmental research and theory as we strive for collective generational healing and a humanistic-centered approach to political, social, and economic systems.  


    I am available for: 

  • Podcast interviews and dialogues 

  • Public speaking venues 

  • Facilitating contemplative groups 

  • Panel Discussions 

  • TV/Media appearances

  • Workshop presentations

  • Spiritual retreats 



    For all inquiries of collaboration, please email shawn@contemplativevision.com  or send a private message through my contact page. If there is a platform you have in mind that is not mentioned here, feel free to pitch your idea as I'm always open to new possibilities of service. 


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